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What summer wardrobe essentials to splurge and save on

With a new season arriving, revamping your wardrobe probably seems sensible. But, most people don’t have the budget to splurge on every item on this season’s new arrivals list. Fortunately, looking like a million bucks doesn’t cost as much! Carefully select the fashion trends that are worth top dollar and those that aren’t to get the most pizzazz out of your wardrobe. Here are our top splurge and save items for summer:


Go-to summer sandals

Your wardrobe should have one pair of sandals that goes with most of your clothing and is built to last. These staple shoes aren’t the flashy ones you grab to be on trend. They’re the timeless ones you can’t survive without. Invest your money in a style like strappy sandals or slides. Both are versatile in look and have been popular for years. Also consider leather options. Leather molds to your foot and lasts longer than other materials, giving you a comfortable shoe you’ll use for summers to come.

A cropped pant

Cropped pants are perfect to wear in the summer heat because they are light and flowy. Whether your bottoms are straight or flare, you’ll be able to show off those sun-kissed legs. The crop should look intentional and hit the smallest part of your ankle to flatter your silhouette. Slip on a wedge heel for a night out or a strappy sandal if you’re hitting the beach.

Wrinkle-Free Summer Dress

It is essential to have a couple of flattering sundresses hanging in your closet come summertime. Maxi dresses and skirts skyrocketed in popularity a few years ago, and they aren’t going away any time soon. They’re stylish while also being comfortable and lightweight – perfect for spring and summer. Flat sandals complement the stylish-yet-comfortable vibe flawlessly. This look is easy, breezy and effortless – simply slip one article of clothing over your head and you’ve got yourself an outfit. Wrinkle-free summer dresses are great for traveling, too! This way if you overpack (chances are you probably will) and want to shove a couple extra dresses in your suitcase last minute, you can do so without worrying about wrinkles. Once you arrive at your final destination, you can pull one of those dresses out, slip it on and enjoy those warm sun rays beaming down on your shoulders. 

Fun Summer Necklace

While this time of year presents the perfect opportunity to wear a bright, summery pendant, remember that less is more. Go with a lightweight, necklace or a neon bracelet for a little pop of color. Accessories made from resin, plastic, enamel or lucite are perfect if you’re attending a pool or beach party, as these materials won’t get ruined by a splash of water.

Flattering swimwear

While you only wear your swimsuit a couple of times each year, investing in an ensemble that fits, lasts and makes you feel great is worth the money. Cheap swimsuits are designed to be trendy, going out of style quickly. That, or they don’t fit you like they should. Both those things mean that you’re buying a new suit year after year, spending more money than you would on a splurge that you love. Instead, find that fantastic item, whether it’s a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece, that flatters your figure and wear it every year.


Statement bags

Having colorful, unique purses is great, but they shouldn’t take up a big chunk of your fashion budget. Because they’re harder to pair, these types of accessories only match a couple of outfits. Opt for cheaper statement bags and save your bucks for more long-lasting wardrobe pieces.


Want a bold print on your summer blouses, skirts and dresses? Go ahead, but choose moderately priced options over costly ones. New prints come out every season, so they lack the longevity solids have. Of course, classics like polka dots and stripes are an exception.


Basics like camisoles are necessary summer garments, but you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on them. Most of the time, tanks and camis go under sheer blouses or are used as solid color staples to pair with more unique bottoms. Save on your basics.

Consider credit

Planning how you spend your money will help you stay within your fashion budget. But if you need a little extra time to cover those timeless necessities, you can try a credit card. The Monroe and Main credit program gives you the freedom to treat yourself to wardrobe essentials and pay them off slowly. Monthly payments are as low as $20, making the credit card a doable part of your personal budget. Not only that, but you won’t have to deal with a bank. Get the looks you want this summer by splurging and saving in the right places and using a Monroe and Main credit card.

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