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All about dress types

The world of dresses is much larger than you think. Like any form of clothing, there are various cuts and styles. Also like any attire, there are certain types of dresses that flatter particular body types. Here’s a guide to what kind of dress that flatters your figure.


Maxi dresses pretty much work on all body types. These are long, flowy dresses most commonly worn during the warmer months of the year. If chosen correctly, these dresses can hug your curves in all the right places, creating an hourglass figure. These are especially good for women with long torsos or ladies with more masculine figures, because this silhouette creates a feminine shape.

However, petite women should beware of this dress looking too oversized. If you’re a smaller build and height, opt for a solid colored maxi dress as opposed to a print. In addition, make sure it isn’t too long. If it is, consider getting the bottom hemmed or try a shoe with a heel. The last thing you want is to trip on your own dress!

Everyday Knit Dress


The sheath dress looks great on just about any body type from curvy to thin. Although these dresses are fitted, they can flatten a tummy to look well-proportioned. This dress works great in just about all settings. It’s sophisticated enough to be a wear to work dress but dressy enough to wear during a night on the town.

The trick is to finding your perfect size. Going too small or too large will show in this dress. Also, be sure to add some body shapewear underneath. These undergarments can do the work that the dress doesn’t. For instance, women with hourglass figures could use a control slip to highlight their figure, or a corset can cinch the smallest part of a woman’s waist to emphasize her shape. Try shopping with your shapewear so you can see what pairs best.

Side to Side Tropics Sheath Dress


An empire-waist dress is the style that that cinches at the narrowest point under the bust line. This kind of dress showcases one of the narrowest points on any woman’s body. It’s great for shorter women because the high hemline can add height. It’s also great for women for wider lower bodies because it draws attention to the waistline.

Try to avoid any clingy fabrics as they will gather at the wrong place or even billow out, adding pounds. Instead, choose materials that will skim over your curves without bunching so they will lay flat.

One of the great things about empire waists is that there are many necklines to choose from. Deep scoop, sweetheart and V-necklines all work great with an empire-waist dress. They will add to the length of your neckline, and you can even showcase some jewelry.

Bunch of Blossoms Dress


A-line dresses work just about on every body type. These are dresses with a triangular silhouette. They are narrow and fitted at the top but widen out from the bust or waist in a straight line to the hem. This garment is traditionally more structured, and stands away from the body to form an “A.” Women of all different shapes will find that this flatters their figure.

Seeing Spots Dress


The peplum is a dress that has gotten much attention lately. This is a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s dress to create a hanging frill or flounce. This frock is great for broad-shouldered girls because it gives some balance to the body.

There are plenty of other dress types. Be sure to try them all to see what’s best for you and your shape.

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What to do if you have a 1X bottom and a larger top. I’d like to wear a duster set.

Hi Lynn,
We’d recommend buying the larger size for the top and having the pants taken in. Thanks for commenting!

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