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Building a swimsuit wardrobe

Mix & Match Swimwear pieces from Monroe and Main

While most women are mentally ready for the warm weather and sandy beaches, not all of their wardrobes are prepared with the proper summer swimwear.

Just like skirts and shirts, your swimsuits should be part of a strategic wardrobe. Here are some tips for preparing your swimsuit collection for summer:

Building up your swimsuit wardrobe is an essential part of preparing for summer.

Building up the wardrobe
Believe it or not, there’s a lot of debate about how many swimsuits a woman should own. It’s a good idea to have multiple pieces in your swimwear wardrobe. Not only do you want to be able to wear a variety of styles, but swimwear has a tendency to fade easily because of chemicals in pool water or from rubbing against sand at the beach. Switching your suits out frequently will alleviate some of the typical wear-and-tear problems, yet one question still remains: How many is too many?

There isn’t exactly a magic number for how many swimsuits a woman should own, but generally you should have at least three swimsuits. Just like you have your nice shoes or your nice dress that you only wear for special occasions, you should also have one or two nice swimsuits. These are the ones you’ll wear to a pool party or an outing with friends and family. They should only be worn in a pool or when laying out in the sun to avoid any damage from dirty lake water or sandy beaches. The other swimsuits can be used interchangeably for any occasion and should have different styles. For example, you might want a strapless bathing suit to avoid tan lines when you’re just sunbathing in your own backyard, but a more supportive piece would work better for swimming at the beach. With just the right amount of swimsuits, you have enough to switch out frequently but not so many that your drawer is overstuffed.

Finding right swimsuit for your body type is a great way to start. Here are a few tips for finding a swimsuit that will have you lounging by the pool or beach with confidence:

Hot Tropic Glam Girl Leg Swimsuit 1-Piece

Opt for two-piece swimwear
Some women prefer the increased coverage of a one-piece swimsuit, but it can be a hassle when trying to change out of or into a wet bathing suit. If this is a problem you’ve experienced, the perfect solution is a tankini. You get the same amount of coverage, but its easier to maneuver when you have to slip it on and off really quickly. Not only does a two-piece swimsuit provide that added flexibility, but having separate pieces allows you to mix and match.

Mix & Match Swimwear pieces from Monroe and Main

Invest in a good pair of black bottoms
Move over little black dress, there’s a new universal fashion piece in town. Speaking of mixing and matching, a pair of comfortable black swimsuit bottoms should be a staple in every woman’s swimwear wardrobe. With a solid black bottom piece, virtually any style, color and texture of bathing suit top will automatically match. Swimsuit pieces are typically sold separately, so with this strategy, you can save money by just getting a variety of tops instead of a whole swimsuit for each swimwear ensemble.

Black bottoms for swimwear

Don’t forget about the cover-up
A cover-up is an essential component of an effective swimwear wardrobe. Nobody is really comfortable walking around in just their tankini, but trying to wear a swimsuit under a pair of jean shorts on the beach, for example, can get hot and uncomfortable and create wet spots on your clothes. A cover-up provides a safe amount of coverage with the added benefits of cooling comfort and mobility.

A cover-up is an essential component of an effective swimwear wardrobe.

Tell us which swimsuit is your style in the comments below!

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Travis Smith

It’s great to learn that black swimsuit bottoms will work with any style. My wife is wanting to prepare for the summer and she was wondering what kind of bottoms she could get to add to her swimsuit wardrobe. I’ll be sure to tell her that she should look for some black swimsuit bottoms.

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Published on Jun 08 2015

Last Updated on Jun 09 2015

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