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Fall for these 4 autumnal accessories


The great part about fall fashion is you can accessorize to your heart’s content. This weather is perfect for layering, allowing you to show off your stylish jackets, scarves, hats and other adornments that have been sitting in the back of your closet since last year. Accessories are a great way to put a fresh spin on a classic look, so add these four autumnal basics to your closet if you haven’t done so already:

1. Gloves

Gloves are easy to forget, but they’re a life-saver when the wind picks up. Plus, they’re another chance to add cute details to your outfit. From knit to suede to leather, gloves are a great way to play with texture without getting too extravagant. They’re also perfect for adding color. Few things are more chic than a pair of red gloves under a leather jacket or a cream trench. In fact, you have your choice of colors and styles, from two-tone to studded to lacy gloves just for decoration. That said, if you want a pair to carry you through winter, look for gloves with a separate lining or ones that can handle waterproofing treatment.

Knit Gloves

2. Hats

TheĀ idea that we lose most of our body heat isn’t exactly true, but that’s no reason to walk out without a fashionable hat. They’re a great statement accessory, upgrading your look or taking it down a notch depending on what style you choose. Opt for a wide-brimmed hat to protect your skin from the setting autumn sun, or choose a newsboy cap with cute embellishments for an interesting silhouette. Gravitate to fabrics like felt and wool; save the straw look for the height of summer, when you’re relaxing by the beach.

Hat and Scarf

A wool hat in gold is perfect for fall.

3. Scarves

Like gloves, women’s scarves are a great way to add color without being overwhelming. Although it’s not cold enough in early autumn to wrap yours up completely, you’ll be grateful to have something to pull over your face when the wind hits. Go for a classic fall look with warm colors or plaid patterns, or get a jumpstart on Halloween with something in orange and black.

Alternatively, you can use your scarf as a hair accessory. Patterned scarves are your best option here, as they’re distinguished enough to not be mistaken for your natural hair. Twist your scarf into a bun that rests at the front of your head, or tie it into an oversize bow.

infinity scarf

4. Shawls

As the season passes by, you’ll soon need to trade your scarf for a full fledged women’s shawl – or add them together if you live somewhere cold enough. The great thing about shawls is their size makes them more versatile than a scarf, so you can tie them in all sorts of cute ways. Try wrapping a shawl around your shoulders and tying with an intricate knot in the front or letting it rest around your neck and drawing the tails against your body with a belt, drawing the eye to your waist and highlighting your figure.

Add these four fall fashion accessories to your closet, and you’ll look stylish no matter what the season’s weather brings.

Ombre Wrap

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