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Fun ways to dress up a T-shirt

Getting decked out in a pretty summer dress or nice formal​wear is always exciting, but there’s something to be said for the simplicity and style of a basic T-shirt. In fact, many women feel they’re at their best in a comfortable tee ensemble that can easily transition from a day of errands to an evening out. Dressing up a T-shirt can be a lot of fun, because the end result is a comfortable yet fashionable outfit you’ll feel great in all night. Not sure how to make a T-shirt a bit less casual? Here are a few fun ways you can go about it:

Choose a T-shirt with embellishments

Even the most basic tee can be jazzed up, but if the garment already comes with some embellishments or other pretty details, that alone will increase the formality of the outfit. Look for T-shirts in fun colors or with detailing around the neckline or hem. You can even opt for styles with a little bit of ruching around the waist or bottom – ruching is flattering and slimming, but it also adds some exciting visual interest.

Choose a Classic White Tee

There is nothing more humble than the traditional white T-shirt. It’s versatile, it’s cool and it can be worn any day, any time. As a staple, year-round article of clothing, this is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Besides, who doesn’t feel clean and crisp while wearing white?

Whether it’s fitted, oversized, off the shoulder or tucked in, you can never go wrong with the classic white tee. 

Tuck it into a skirt

Tucking a T-shirt into a high-waisted skirt will instantly appear a little less casual (and give you a nice hourglass shape), but the tee will keep the ensemble from being overly formal at the same time. Whether you pair the top with an embellished maxi skirt or a knee-length style that shows off your gams, the overall look will be the perfect amount of simple and chic.

Or, try non-denim pants

A skirt isn’t the only thing that can dress up a T-shirt, though! In fact, there are tons of pants that can take the T-shirt from casual to dressy in an instant. Try wearing the shirt with a pair of trousers at work, or go for palazzo pants to make a fun statement. Even a colored, cropped pant can make a T-shirt a bit dressier.

Add an outer layer

Layering something on top of your tee will instantly jazz it up, so go for a funky blazer for the office or a pretty cardigan on the weekends. If the weather is a bit too warm for heavy layering, go for a vest or a lightweight shrug in a bright color or bold pattern to keep the outfit interesting but your body cool.

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