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Accessorizing during winter

Let’s be honest, putting together outfits during the winter can be quite difficult. The air is colder, the weather conditions are not great and there might even be snow on the ground. All of these ingredients can make crafting the perfect ensemble low on our priority list. However, there are more ways to spice up your winterwear than you might have thought, starting with accessories. Remember, staying warm and looking cute during winter don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Here is how to accessorize during winter – the right way.

Keep those ears warm

Let’s start at the top – literally. One of the most important elements of staying warm is to make sure your head and ears are not exposed. Luckily, this can be accomplished easily with a hat or earmuffs. When it comes to women’s hats, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can opt for some traditional knitwear that looks adorable and will keep your head and ears toasty. Or, you can make some bold choices with something a little more fashion forward like wide-brim fedoras, floppy hats or a beret. All of these look very classy and will dress up your outerwear while making sure the top of your head stays cozy and cute!

You can make some bold choices with something a little more fashion forward like these adorable options for this season:

The Classic Beanie

The women’s beanie has gained popularity throughout the years for ladies of all ages. Some women prefer the slouchy look with the hat sitting toward the back of their head. On the other hand, a thicker, knit beanie can be pulled down over your ears to keep them warm. This knitwear comes in a wide spectrum of colors, from black to neon pink. Be sure to get one that complements your outerwear to always look put together.

Trapper Hat

If you’re looking to rock a more rural look, try a trapper hat. These are bigger, usually patterned hats that have flaps and folds to cover your ears. Sometimes they even have tassels with little balls attached to the bottoms. It’s common for these hats to come in prints like red and black checkers, tribal prints or faux fox fur. A trapper hat is great to throw on if you’re looking for a more casual look while still staying toasty.


A beret may not be the best option during freezing temperatures, but these chic hats sure do class up a look. These hats are the epitome of Parisian style and can add sophistication to your women’s pea coat. The best part? These hats are acceptable to wear indoors. Instead of having to take off your headwear once getting to your destination and dealing with the dreaded hat hair, you can sport it all day (or night) long. 


Moving down, dress up the neck next with a scarf. Most people snatch this winter accessory on their way out of the door. But this year, try changing up your game. An oversized plaid scarf will keep you warm and looking chic, no matter the color of your coat. Cashmere scarves also provide a timeless look you should give a shot. They’re soft yet elegant – the perfect combination for your everyday winter accessories. The most popular scarf for women of all ages is the infinity scarf. It’s versatile, can come in a plethora of colors and keeps your neck and chest snug during the harshest of conditions. There are plenty of other scarf types to choose from. Here are some other options:

  • The oversize knit scarf
  • The printed scarf
  • The faux-fur scarf
  • The cable-knit scarf
  • The sheer scarf

Choose your favorite or work on collecting one of each so that you have extreme versatility when it comes to dressing in the winter!

Let’s talk about gloves

Women’s gloves are essential winter accessories. The last thing you want is cold, red fingers from the freezing temperatures. But don’t just cover those hands with any old pair. Instead, opt for the cable-knit gloves. These will keep your fingers toasty without being too bulky. They’re also more water resistant than other fabrics so you won’t have to worry about snow seeping into them. Try choosing some gloves that have a knitted accessory on them, like a flower or a decal. It will add that extra something to a practical item in your wardrobe. Or, look for a pair of gloves that have touch sensors on the fingertips. That way, you can still keep your hands warm even if you have to use your phone.

Although you have plenty of options when it comes to gloves, always have a leather pair in your closet. These will take any outfit to the next level and are a great addition to any kind of outerwear you own. That, and they’re helpful to wear while driving!

No more frozen toes

There is nothing everyone hates more than frozen feet. Practical shoes during the winter are a must, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the cute styles, either. Be sure to pair your shoes with a hefty, warm pair of socks in comfortable materials like wool or cotton. Tights are great, but they won’t add any warmth to your toes. If you’re wearing shoes that are covered, be sure to stock up on fleece socks so your toes don’t freeze.

Add some bling

Although the goal of many winter accessories is to keep you warm, there are other accent pieces where that isn’t the goal at all. A good way to make your winter coat shine is through beautiful brooches. These are ornamental pieces of jewelry you can fasten to the outside of your coat to add some color and sparkle. Choose from one of your favorite colors like ruby or emerald. Or you could even opt for a holiday-themed brooch. This will get you in the Christmas spirit and spice up your look!

Color coordinate

When it comes to winter accessories, be sure to color coordinate. Hats, scarves and gloves can be purchased in a pack so that they all match. This will tie together your whole winter getup, and you’ll be prepared (in style!) for whatever winter throws at you. If your jacket is black or gray, you can basically choose any color you’d like. Some colors that are in season this winter are:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Olive green
  • Burgundy
  • Soft pink
  • Ice blue
  • Cadmium orange
  • Plum

Or, choose your favorite color. There are no rules when it comes to winter accessories!

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