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Styling your favorite woven shirts

The woven shirt is one of the greatest gifts to fashion. Not only are these wardrobe staples incredibly versatile, but they’re also very comfortable, as they tend to offer a lot of stretch. These tops look just as good fitted as they do loose and flowy! Many people are intimidated by the idea of wearing their shirts loose because they’re afraid it’ll make their outfit look sloppy. This worry is also common with woven shirts since the material tends to wrinkle easily. However, with a good iron or steamer, and when styled correctly, this style can do the exact opposite of making you look disheveled, giving your outfit a chic vibe.

What sets woven shirts apart from regular shirts is the fabric that they’re made of. The threads in a woven shirt are woven like a basket, rather than knit like in your favorite T-shirts. These shirts stretch diagonally, giving the shirt a tailored, polished look, while still being comfortable. Some varieties give off a bohemian vibe, while others look professional. Read on to wear your woven shirts with the confidence of women in fashion magazines.

Layer it

The idea of wearing a flowy top to the office may seem out of the realm of possibility, however, when layered beneath a blazer jacket, it’ll seem less like you threw it on and more like you’re channeling a high fashion look. Offices are always so cold anyway! When you’re wearing a loose top, be sure to balance the look with a pair of skinny dress pants or even a high waisted pencil skirt. Tie the look together with a statement necklace and your favorite handbag for something a little more feminine, and you’ll be sure to turn heads while still being comfortable.

Keep it casual

Part of the reason woven shirts are so popular is because they’re so effortless. Don’t overthink your outfit when you’re wearing these shirts for casual comfort. While they’re certainly fun to dress up and style, it’s not always a necessity. For example, when you’re running errands over the weekend, all you have to do is pair your flowy shirt with a comfy pair of slimming jeans and your favorite sneakers. Throw on some oversized sunglasses, grab an iced coffee and paparazzi will confuse you for a local celeb.

Belt it

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing your woven shirt loose, you can stylishly alter it by wearing a belt around your natural waist. This gives your shirt laid back but flattering look, and gives your body the enviable appearance of an hourglass shape. Pair this look with a matching leather hobo bag and pointy toe flats for the fall, but when summer makes another appearance, this boho look  can be obtained with sandal wedges and your favorite maxi skirt.

Tuck in your shirt

You may be under the impression that the only shirts that look good tucked in are blouses and other dressy tops. However, a great way to keep your woven tops looking tailored and put-together is to partially tuck them in. Try tucking just one side into your dress jeans and showing off a statement belt. Complement the effortless look of this outfit by wearing fashion boots along with it. If it’s still pretty warm outside, try some wedge booties, but if the weather has already taken a cold turn, wear riding boots and a cozy scarf.

Wear a sweater

There are a couple of different ways that you can pair a sweater with your woven shirt. If you prefer one that buttons up, you can wear one of your favorite long cardigan sweaters over it for an outfit that doesn’t sacrifice fashion for comfort. If you want a look that’s a little funkier, try wearing a cropped sweater over your woven shirt. This look would be great with a pair of high heeled booties and some big, fun jewelry!

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