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Show off your ankle straps this spring

When it comes to wearing heels, many of us could use all of the help we can get! While there is nothing more stylish than a nice sky-high heel paired with a chic, tailored outfit, many women struggle to comfortably wear heels all day due to the lack of stability and the angle their feet are on. While there isn’t a single method to wearing heels totally pain-free for many women, one thing you can do is invest in the hottest spring trend: shoes with ankle straps.

According to Refinery29, though heels with ankle straps can still hurt the arch or balls of your feet, the body is likely to adapt quicker, because your ankle is so securely supported. Drawing attention to the thinnest part of your leg with a stylish strap is a great way make your gams look longer as well. Here are some tips for styling these shoes:

Consider the shape of your ankles

Many women are unsure about rocking a pair of shoes with ankle straps because of the size of their ankles. Women with thin ankles are afraid there will be a lot of extra space in the strap, while people with thicker ankles worry that these shoes will draw attention to their size. However, women with ankles of any shape can wear these shoes, but they should consider the style when trying to determine which ones will work best.

For example people with thin ankles should look for shoes with thin, adjustable straps, while women with thicker ankles will have a better experience with chunkier shoes, like heeled clogs, and wider straps. If you have thick ankles, straps that go directly around the ankle, as opposed to just cutting across the upper part of the foot, will be more flattering.

Wear them with crops or jeans

If you’re looking for an alternative to the comfortable flats you usually wear with your cropped pants, spice it up with a pair of heels with ankle straps. Make sure your crops are just just a bit higher on your leg than where the strap lands, exposing a little skin between the hem and the shoe. You don’t want to hide the strap! Glam Radar suggests choosing a color that doesn’t create much of a contrast between your shoe and foot. If you have fair skin, opt for a white or light nude, and if you have darker skin, try a darker nude or black.

Opt for a pointy toe

If you’re wearing a skirt or dress, you’re probably looking to make your legs look even longer. While heels do this for your legs on their own, you can kick the look up a notch by choosing a heel with a pointy toe. In fact, even pointy toe flats can elongate your legs. Ladies everywhere who have a long walk to work and can’t wear heels all day, rejoice! This style toe also gives your shoes a more formal look, so they’re ideal for giving you a boost of confidence for a presentation!

Try flats

So, heels aren’t your thing and that’s OK! That doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the ankle-strap trend. Like pointy toe flats, a pair of ballet flats that lace around your ankle can take your casual outfit to business casual. This is also a great alternative for weddings and other formal events if you aren’t comfortable wearing heels all evening.

Mix solids with prints

There are plenty of pattern options for shoes. There’s floral, Aztec, stripes and polka dots – just to name a few. Luckily, strappy sandals can come in just about every pattern. However, they also can come in all colors of the rainbow. This means that you have options. Find a color or pattern that best represents your personality so you can always feel like yourself in these shoes.

Most women have a hard time styling patterned shoes. It’s true that if you choose the wrong outfit to pair them with, it can look at little overwhelming or, worse, matchy-matchy. This is where you should remember the “mix solids with prints” rule. If your shoes have a design, opt for solid-colored clothing. It’s sometimes even best to rock a monochromatic outfit so your feet pop. On the other hand, if you’re wearing prints on your extended plus size clothing like shirts, pants or a dress, solid-colored footwear is in your best interest so you don’t overdo it.

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