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Summer shorts: A fit guide

As with swimsuits, the idea of shopping for shorts might set off some anxiety.

It’s common and understandable, so take a deep breath and let it all out – shorts are absolutely nothing to be scared of. More than that, they just might be the most comfortable clothing option when the heat climbs. Anyone can look amazing in shorts, you just need the right pair.

If you’re out of practice, let us guide you through the art of shorts-shopping.

Begin with construction

Say yes to a smoothing effect and avoid wrinkles with a strong, well-knit fabric. Flimsy material won’t hold its fit and tends to ride up, especially in a shorts pattern.

A few words about shorts inseams

No cotton fabric is shrink-proof, even if the label claims so. To guarantee that your denim fits after its first wash, choose a pair of shorts with an inch more of inseam than you actually need, suggested Wardrobe Oxygen.

For fabrics not prone to shrinking, it’s still a good idea to go for the extra length so you have the option of cuffing, which is perfectly on trend for 2015. A side note to those seeking a more hourglass shape: Cuffs are synonymous with curves, according to Liz Schluter at She Knows.

You want shorts that offer complete coverage without falling below the kneecap. Long inseams shorten your legs visually. For this reason, Bermuda shorts are a good option. If your prefer a different look, there are plenty of flattering styles.

On the rise

This season, the low-rise trend is giving way to a more refined, classic look with shorts that fit the natural waist. This means that women of all shapes and sizes can opt for shorts with more coverage options.

Stitch Front Bermuda Shorts from Monroe and Main

Loose vs. fitted

For pear shapes, shorts that are too fitted will be constrictive, while proper leg fit will slim your thighs while keeping you comfy. Choose a pair that accommodates the widest circumference of your thigh. From there, the fit should be straight but doesn’t have to be tight.

Down with pleats

Pleats pucker – there’s no avoiding it. Opt for straight-front shorts and you won’t encounter snags in fit logistics. You’ll also do less ironing.

Stitch Me Up Short from Monroe and Main


Rules regarding the type and number of pockets will vary with body shape and personal preference. Apple shapes can don a more curvy look with cargo pockets, which will balance the top half with the bottom and streamline the whole silhouette. The opposite is true for pear shapes.

No matter your body type, you should make sure to bend a bit when trying on a pair of shorts. Move in your regular manner and you’ll be able to tell if any pockets are going to gape or gracefully move with you.

Aside from demanding some pretty frequent ironing, back pockets with flaps counter attempts at smoothing lines. This doesn’t mean you should automatically disqualify style embellishments that are suited to your tastes – it’s just a friendly reminder to check all frames of reference in the fitting room mirror before deciding you really love a pair.

We trust that you really will love wearing your new shorts this summer with these guidelines.

Denim Shorts from Monroe and Main

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