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5 essential summer shoe tips

There’s no doubt about it: Summer shoes are a fun and refreshing break from winter styles. Check out these 5 essential summer shoe tips.

The open shoes allow feet to breathe (and a cute new pedicure to shine), and the sheer variety of flats, sandals, wedges and more make it easy to change up your look regularly. Summer shoes sometimes come at a price, though – everything from painful blisters to smelly odors can occur once the warm weather arrives. However, after a few adjustments to your summer shoe routine, you’ll be able to avoid the worst of these issues. Take a look at these five essential summer footwear tips to keep your feet happy all season long:

1. Ease into sandal season

If you go straight from socks and closed-toed shoes to wearing sandals daily, your feet will likely take a beating. By the end of each winter, the bottoms of many women’s feet are soft and a bit delicate after months of being protected by socks. When summer comes to a close, though, your heels might be a little thicker and rougher. That’s because your feet acclimate to the sandals and other shoes, giving you a little extra padding and protection. Help your skin build up some of that padding by easing into sandal season. Allow your feet to get used to the types of shoes you’ll be wearing by alternating between sandals (and wedges and other sock-less shoes) and shoes that require socks.

Andiamo Progress II Slide  from Monroe and Main

2. Save flip flops for the beach

Flip flops are a summer staple to be sure, but they’re not so great for your feet when it comes to all-day wear and lots of walking. That said, slip on some flip flops at the beach or pool, but opt for sandals with a little more support and security for day-to-day wear. Look for styles with adjustable straps around the heel that will keep them comfortably attached to your feet.

Clarks Breeze Sea Thong

3. Prevent blisters

Blisters are super painful, so preventing them before they crop up is key. Aside from making sure you break in new shoes before wearing them, you can also use petroleum jelly or an oily foot balm around your heels and anywhere else you think blisters will form. Reapply it often throughout the day. Another tip? Wear shoes around your house for a few minutes before leaving, and use gauze to pad any areas that feel uncomfortable.

4. Keep odors at bay

Going sockless means your shoes are much more likely to start developing odors, especially if they’re an enclosed style, like flats or canvas loafers. There are socks specifically made to wear with flats, so that’s a definite option. Otherwise, run to the store and pick up some baking soda insoles that can be slipped into any pair of shoes. They’ll absorb odor, and your shoes and feet will smell much more fresh.

Piccola Shoe by Softspots

5. Invest in wedges

Wedges are one of our favorite summer styles for many reasons, one of which is that they’re versatile enough to wear with everything from summer dresses to pants. They also provide great stability and support compared to other high heels. Pick up a pair with 2-inch heels that you can wear all day long.

Caslynn Sueded Wedge Sandal by Clarks from Monroe and Main

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