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woman wearing brown fitted jacket over top and blue pants

The blazer: An essential transitional piece

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Fall fashion is all about being able to layer your clothes like a pro. You know those summer dresses you’ve been wearing for the last few months? Pairing them with the right items can easily help you transition your wardrobe into fall and beyond. There are a few wardrobe staples you can use to layer for fall, including a cardigan sweater or a pair of tights. However, one of the most versatile (and stylish!) transitional pieces you can own is actually a blazer. Here’s why:

A layering essential

From workwear to casual Saturday ensembles, blazers are a fall layering must-have. What makes them so great for layering? Besides being fashionable, blazers provide enough coverage to keep you warm and are amazingly versatile when it comes to what you can pair them with. But they provide another amazing benefit you may not know about: structure. Sometimes when women wear several layers, the clothes can start to hide their shape rather than accentuate it. With blazers, even if you’re wearing two layers underneath them, the structured form of the jacket still shows off your curves and flatters your shape.

plus-size woman wearing a gray blazer

Blazer fit tips for women

First things first – to make sure your layering blazer is as flattering as possible, it’s important to find one that fits you correctly. Because of their structured shape, blazers can make your body look disproportionate if the fit isn’t right. Different styles of jackets will fit your body in different ways, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for. While a boyfriend blazer may have more of a relaxed fit, a classic style will hug the body a bit more closely. In general, though, there are a few rules you should keep in mind when shopping for the blazer that fits you best:

  • Shoulders: This is where you should look first. Even in more relaxed-fit jackets, the shoulder seams need to line up correctly with your shoulders. Because this area is difficult to tailor, it’s important to make sure it fits correctly when picking out a style you love.
  • Bust: If a blazer is uncomfortably tight when buttoned around your bust, it can actually add weight to your appearance. To avoid this, be sure to find one that fits comfortably, but not loosely. If you have a larger bust, it may make sense to buy a larger blazer that fits around your bust and shoulders, then bring it to a tailor to fit it more closely around your waist and hips.

woman wearing a gold blazer

Blazer style tips for fall

OK, so we’ve covered why blazers are an important part of your fall wardrobe. But how exactly should you wear this transitional piece? Here are a few style tips you can consider:

Get layering
To layer your blazers stylishly, make sure you know what to wear underneath. In general, it’s best to aim for thinner and lighter tops, since bulkier knits can create odd-looking bulges and proportions. Layer blazers over your favorite dresses and blouses, or even over lightweight sweaters or sweatshirts. For a fashion-forward look, top a button-down shirt with a thin pullover sweater, and toss a boyfriend blazer on top.

Experiment with versatile looks
One way to figure out which blazer to wear with which outfit is to look at the hemline. Longer hemlines pair well with pants and trousers, whereas hemlines that hit between the waist and hips coordinate well with high-waisted skirts and dresses.

Play with colors and textures
Fall is a great season for experimenting with bold colors and interesting textures in your wardrobe. Deep aubergine, orange and gold are perfect fall hues, so wear blazers in these colors. Or, try pairing neutral-colored blazers with more colorful tops or dresses. Different materials, interesting stitching and even busy patterns can all add visual texture to your look. Wear textured blazers with solid colors and simple materials.

Add some accessories
Whether you love jewelry or you can’t hit the grocery store without a fall hat, play around with accessories when layering with blazers. Some great accessories to consider? Scarves and ankle boots. Both of these are trendy, chic and appropriate for the season.

Whether you top jeans and a tee with a blazer, or you wear a professional style to work, they’re the perfect fall transitional piece.

woman wearing a gray blazer

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