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How to wear colored tights this fall

The great thing about tights is that they make it easy to transition your favorite summer outfits to the fall. However, too many women fall into the rut of only sticking with neutral tights to wear along with their skirts and dresses. This is a shame since there are so many possibilities that come with colored tights. Here are a few tips for people who are hesitant about diving into this daring fashion choice:

Black isn't your only tight option this fall.Black isn’t your only tight option this fall.

Keep it simple

When choosing bold fashion tights, the best way to get your look to stand out is to keep your outfit simple. If you’re wearing a brightly colored pair, keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Electric blue, red, or green tights can look chic when worn with subdued colors. For example, a charcoal dress with black shoes can make your pink tights look stylish instead of outrageous. You can even keep it within the same color family. A hunter green dress can pair fabulously with a pair of emerald green tights.

Try shorts

Many people are under the impression that your shorts have to go to the back of the closet when September rolls around, but with warm tights, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Try mixing one of your favorite long sleeve blouses in the same color scheme as your tights with a pair of dress shorts and knee-high boots. If your shorts are long enough and you pair this look with a blazer jacket, you can even make it appropriate for the workplace. Mix in a scarf and you have the perfect fall look, allowing you to wear your shorts a little bit longer!

Don’t be afraid of patterns

Patterned tights can be as much fun as colored tights, and just as simple to wear, especially if most of your wardrobe is monochromatic. A solid-colored dress or skirt outfit mixed with polka dot, striped, or hounds-tooth tights can be professional, as long as the pattern isn’t too bright or outrageous, while still adding a a little something extra to a typically plain outfit. If you’re taking your look out of the office, go for a lacy pattern. This can be a little too racy for the workplace, but perfect for a night out.

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Monroe & Main had the best tights, please bring them back

Hi Kelsi, thank you for your feedback! It’s great to hear you loved our tights. I’ll pass your request to bring them back to our product team!

excellent ideas

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