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Holiday gifts: How to please everyone on your list


Holiday shopping is tough, especially when you have a long list to go through. What on earth should you get your best friend, your significant other or the miscellaneous coworker who ends up with your white elephant gift? Instead of going in circles trying to think of the perfect present, use our handy guide to complete your holiday shopping for everyone on your list:

Your significant other

There are many ways to spoil your beau this holiday season. If he likes a nice shave, he’ll love receiving a personal grooming kit. Or, if he enjoys accessorizing, try a leather carryall and fashionable hat or gloves.

If the two of you have a holiday parties to attend, surprise him with a nice suit as an early present. You’re sure to steal the show if the two of you show up in classic yet festive outfits. That said, if you prefer to spend your winter evenings in, invest in matching robes or lounge wear and cozy up together on the couch with a good movie.

Mens shaving kit
If your man likes a good shave, get him a personal grooming kit for the holidays.

Your best friend

Show your BFF that you care with a piece of personalized jewelry. Getting her name engraved on a necklace or bracelet serves as a constant reminder of your close friendship. You can even get yourself a matching pair and trade pieces – somewhat like the grownup version of friendship bracelets.

That said, your bestie will undoubtedly love any gift you get her, so go all out. Get her that purse she had her eye on, or create a home spa package by putting candles, luxurious soaps and scented bath salts in a gift basket. If you want to go the extra mile, throw in a soft robe so she feels extra special.

Name bar pendant

Your casual acquaintances

Chances are you’ll be invited to a holiday party full of acquaintances – coworkers, fellow volunteers or other groups of people you know – and asked to participate in a gift exchange. These events don’t have to be hard to shop for. Grab a nice gift for the home such as a set of scented candles, festive decorations or seasonal housewares. A holiday-themed cookie jar or salt-and-pepper shakers are cute and practical.

If you know no one participating has any food allergies, try an edible gift like peppermint bark, baked goods or holiday snacks. Alternatively, grab a fancy gift set. Save yourself some time and shipping fees by buying these items on the same website from which you purchase your other gifts.

Yankee Candles Set


After all that shopping for others, don’t forget to treat yourself! Buy something you’ve had your eye on for a while, like a great pair of pumps or some nice accessories. Don’t feel guilty for spending a little on yourself – you’ve earned it.

Vivian hat scarf set

What to do when you just can’t find a gift

If you just can’t seem to find a present for someone, you can never go wrong with an online gift certificate. These offer a lot of flexibility – you can choose almost any dollar amount and include a little personalization. Look for certificates that are redeemable online; your recipient will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to head to the mall to find their present.

Don’t let holiday shopping get the best of you this year. Use our gift guide to find the right present for everyone.

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