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Several women in various styles of clothing

How To Dress Your Body Type Blogger Event!

There is a right way to dress your features, shape, and body type. Our bloggers agree! They were each tasked with reviewing our How To Dress Your Body Type infographic 4 part series and reviewing the process and a Monroe and Main outfit. They each took their measurements (with a handy Monroe and Main measuring tape), identified their shape, chose shapewear, and then found the right prints and colors to play up their assets and camouflage problem areas. Take a look at their styles and tips! Comment below on which looks you like best.

All bloggers were compensated with complimentary product in exchange for an honest review of the items.
Opinions expressed by bloggers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Monroe and Main.


Women over 45 Still Blonde after all these YEARS
I wore this outfit when my friend and I went to the Detroit Institute of Arts for a special exhibition ofDiego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit. Diego Rivera created magnificent murals of Detroit Industry. These Clark Zia Castle platform sandals never hurt my feet throughout our whole busy day. I loved that I could wear these 3 1/2″ leather wedges to elongate my legs and help me to look more shapely. . .This top isn’t my usual choice. . . so why have I tried some new styles? This time when I chose my clothes, I referred to the Monroe and Main’s “How to Dress Your Body Type” Infographic Series. The 4 infographics helped me to make some new clothing choices which better suit my body, including the right shapewear. [Read More]

Dressing for a Box  – Modly Chic

Modly Chic-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main   Modly Chic-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main-Shapewear
I fully admit that I spent years being anti-shapewear of all types. I even hated nylons and tights because they were restrictive. But now under most dresses I’m wearing some kind of shapewear. For me, it’s a matter of smoothing everything out to avoid awkward bumps, panty lines, etc.. Plus, shapewear helps the outer garments flow the way they are meant to. Usually I’m in some generic shapewear from a large retailer, but I snagged up this body suit to go with a number of summer dresses. It’s comfortable and easy to wear, which of course is always a bonus, and it certainly does the job of smoothing everything out.

This Convertible Diva Dress is bound to be a frequent flyer this summer. It’s one of those versatile dresses that can literally be styled a dozen different ways by wrapping, twisting, and tying the ‘sleeves’ in different fashions. The dress is a strapless midi with two long ribbons that come off the back, or front depending on how you want to wear the dress. Monroe and Main even sends a useful guide illustrating different ways to style the dress. [Read More]

Highlight Your Curves –  Makobi Scribe blog

Makobi Scribe Monroe and Main blogger review
Since I am an hourglass, I can highlight my curves with all over prints and bold colors or downplay them with darker neutrals. You can find out about dressing your shape at Monroe and Main. I found two great outfits which are multi-functional. I am excited to have found such comfortable, versatile clothes that fit me from Monroe and Main. You can too! [Read More]

Confident Dressing –  ComeBack Momma blog

ComeBack Momma
Our beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Do you embrace your body type when you dress? Do you even know what your body type is? The folks at Monroe and Main help women confidently dress to fit her style needs, balance her shape, and flatter her figure as her body ages. They are poised to be an  industry leader in clothing that fits various body types covering sizes 6-24 or S-3X. They have something for nearly everyone.

I selected this lovely blouse that ties in the middle to accentuate my waist. The printed bottoms highlight my hips and bum and the platform sandals elongate my legs. The entire outfit is super comfortable and cost less that $200. I love looking great without breaking the bank, don’t you? [Read More]

Dress Your Body the Right Way –  LW Vogue Blog
LW Vogue-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

Knowing your measurements is the first and most important step when it comes to choosing the best clothing for your body. This is especially true if you are an online shopper like me. I had taken my measurements before, but after reading through the Monroe and Main tutorial, I found out I had been doing it wrong all along!

I have always struggled with finding outfits that suited my body, so I was excited to finally learn what styles are most flattering for my shape. After taking my measurements, I found out that I have an hourglass figure. For this shape, Monroe and Main recommends bold prints and colors.  [Read More]

What to Wear Based on Your Body Type – April GoLightly Blog
April Go Lightly-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

The Monroe and Main graphic gave tons of awesome tips on what to wear based on your body type. As an hourglass, the graphic advised me to choose a bold print dress if I wanted to bring attention to my curves and a monochromatic one if I want to downplay my curves. I decided to downplay the curves with this canary yellow dress.
Yellow looks amazing with turquoise accessories and neutral wedges. These shoes are out of control comfortable and super cute.  [Read More]

 Makes Me Feel More Confident – My So Called Balanced Life blog

My So Called Balanced Life-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

As most of you may already know, I love Monroe and Main. They offer a vast selection of clothing for women sizes 6-24 or Small to 3X. They really have something for every body type including shapewear. Do you know your body type? I know I wasn’t 100% sure of mine until I followed the Monroe and Main “How to Dress Your Body Type” infographic series.

Having an hourglass figure, it is important to choose colors and clothing that highlights my assets and draws attention to my silhouette. I chose the Royal Rose Maxi Dress because the V-neck, surplice bodice, and empire waist flatter my body shape, while also covering my problem area. . . .I absolute love this dress it is super comfortable and makes me feel more confident when I wear it. [Read More]

WIN WIN WIN! – Candypolooza Blog

Candypolooza-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

The Make It Mesh Floral dress is just beautiful. I could not have chosen a more perfect dress. It is an A-line which I normally don’t go with but it had extra mesh panels cascading from the front that were great for camouflaging my tummy area. With the corset on it worked fabulously. I’m normally not one to go sleeveless either. The top was wide enough to cover my shoulders and the tops of my arms which I appreciated. I didn’t feel self conscious in this dress at all. WIN WIN WIN!!  [Read More]

Funky Cool Pattern – Being Zhenya blog

Being Zhenya-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

This scuba dress is amazing, and I wanted a funky cool pattern for the summer. And the shoes are something I can run around in all summer, besides they go so well with this dress. [Read More]

Dressed to Flatter – Momma Told Me blog

Momma Told Me-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

It doesn’t matter whether you feel you are too short, or too tall, to busty, or too bony, bow footed, or poor postured; all your really need is the knowledge of how to work what you were born with. Every body can look like a model when it’s dressed to flatter. . . I love shopping Monroe and Main online because they have such a wide range of flattering fits and fashions for everyone from millenials to baby boomers. Their collections are constantly growing and I can always browse the seasons hottest trends through carefully curated collections of clothes. Or, if I’m feeling adventurous, I can browse hundreds of fashions by clothing/accessory type or style! [Read More]

How I Dress My Body Type –  Kirstin Marie blog
Kirstin Marie-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

Dressing for your body type is an important skill to hone. Sure, everyone can wear whatever they want, whenever they want. The idea behind dressing for your body type is to dress in the best way that suits your body and makes you look and feel amazing. It’s the difference between feeling frumpy versus feeling put together and ready to take on the world. Thanks to a great LBD, some cute jewelry a large brim hat, and comfortable basics underneath, I am going to tell you how I dress for my body type featuring Monroe and Main. [Read More]

 Wonderful Flow & Colors – Day by Day in Our World blog

Day By Day in Our World-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main
When picking my selections, I kept both the hourglass and triangle shapes in mind.  With an eye towards regaining my hourglass shape and knowing I had the power of shapewear to help out, I couldn’t pass up the Make It Mesh Floral Dress with its wonderful flow and colors. This dress is cut in such a manner that it really flatters a variety of body shapes.   [Read More]

An Enlightening Experience – Jade Louise Designs blog

Jade Louise Designs-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main
Speaking of areas you want to minimize…that is where the miracle of the Monroe and Main Shape wear options come into play! You can get the perfect shapewear to help you minimize the areas that may be sagging, or not as perky as you would like from growing older. This has been such an enlightening experience! Thanks to Monroe and Main’s tools, I was able to learn the best colors or combinations to draw the attention away from my hips and more upwards towards my shoulders or face! This top features soutache ribbons to enhance the bust and create a narrow empire waist. It draws attention away from the hips. And gives plenty of room for a wider “trunk” space. But still very flattering. And best of all, I will be able to wear it for months to come as this pregnant belly keeps getting bigger!  [Read More]

Super Comfortable & Very Slimming – The Socialite’s Closet blog
Socialites Closet-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

Wearing darks or neutrals on the bottom when you’re a triangle can help tone down your hips. Wearing a bright color or patterned shirt will help draw attention up and away from your hips as well. Of course, shapewear can always help smooth and minimize your less than ideas areas too. I used the suggestions from Monroe and Main when I was choosing my outfit. I chose a pleated top in fuschia because it’s a bright, happy color that is one of my favorites.  The detailing around the neckline also draws attention upward and away from my hips. [Read More]

Looking Pretty Darn Awesome – I Am The Maven Blog

i am maven-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

Monroe and Main suggest that if you have an hourglass figure to highlight your curves by taking risks with bold, all-over prints. So I did. I found this killer halter jumpsuit which would normally be WAY out of my comfort zone. I just decided I had to go for it. This jumpsuit has a super flattering waistline, and while I usually don’t like halter tops because of my cup size, I was really happy how it fit. I’m also going to point out that my back looks pretty darn awesome in it. [Read More]

Getting All Gussied Up – Mommy’s Block Party blog

Block Party-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

I love flirty spring and summer outfits, and getting all gussied up. Finding clothing pieces that are just right, however, can sometimes be a bit challenging. . . I have found that one of the very best clothing companies for women is Monroe and Main. Monroe and Main offers gorgeous intimates, clothing and accessories for women who fall between sizes 6 – 24, or S-3X. Monroe and Main’s styles work beautifully with various shapes and body types, including my own! . . .Monroe and Main makes it so easy for women to find the best styles to fit their body types, and even offers suggestions as to what types of pieces to wear, and what styles, prints, patterns and cuts to avoid, depending on body type.
The dress really needs no introduction. The shape of the dress drew me in, immediately. It’s a classic style, which is fun and flirty, yet also modest and classy- very ladylike. The dress embodies a sort of mix of elegance, and boho-chic (very fitting for my personal style). I am generally afraid of wearing white, but the mix of the coral color in with the white in this print is divine! [Read More]

Balance & Flattery – Mother Unadorned blog

Cristi Comes-Motherhood Unadorned Blogger Review
Clothing and shoe shopping online can be quite the challenge when you’re unsure of size and fit. I know I’ve certainly been shy of it in the past. But Monroe and Main has great tools to help you confidently choose styles that balance and flatter your own personal beautiful shape and style, no matter your size. For me (hourglass) the recommendation is to wear a bold color or print to highlight my curves, or if I prefer, I can go monochromatic to downplay them. It’s about you being your best you, and feeling good in your own skin. I have personally loved stripes and chevron for quite some time. I’m also drawn to blues, teals, purples, grey and black in my wardrobe. So when I saw the “Cool Water Dress,” I just fell in love. [Read More]

Easy, Breezy Dresses – Jinxy Beauty blog

Jinxy Beauty-Monroe and Main
There are a few keys to making your wardrobe the best it can be and at the top of the list is choosing the right clothing for your body shape. The right clothes can accentuate your assets, balance your shape and flatter your figure.With warm summer weather on its way, I love easy, breezy dresses that I can slip on for everyday wear. The Zelda dress is perfect for that. It is lightweight in rayon and super comfortable. It’s also easy to dress up for wearing beyond my daily errands.  [Read More]

Are You Dressing Right For Your Body Type? – Bay Area Mommy Blog

Bayarea Mommy-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main
According to the guide, I need to wear outfits that draw attention to my upper body. I need to place visual weight on my shoulders with eye-catching prints and bright-colored tops, and wear dark pants. This helps me balance out my silhouette.The Bateau Neck Ruched Top draws more attention to my upper body because of its color and its shape. The ruching on the tummy area also helps in making that area look smaller than it actually is. The black Sailor Pant, on the other hand, keeps my bottom half dark so that it doesn’t attract too much attention.  [Read More]

Chic and Comfortable – Whirlwind of Surprises blog

Whirlwind of Surprises-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main
I honestly loved that Monroe and Main had recommendations for the different body types. You want to have a great outfit without going crazy. I decided to try to mix prints and as I learned, the key to mixing prints was to keep them within the same color family. In my outfit, I chose to go with varying shades of silver, grey, black, and whites. I will admit, I decided to go for a pop of color in my shoes, however I purposely chose a darker shade of red as to not go overboard. Overall, I’m in love with this outfit. The vibe is so chic and comfortable and I feel like I just walked out of a magazine shoot.  [Read More]

 Versatile Outfit – Broken Teepee blog

Broken Teepee-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main
My eyes have been opened recently – little did I know that there was a method to dress specifically for MY body shape! Monroe and Main has this really cool series of infographics – How to Dress Your Body Type .What I love about this denim set is how far it can go in a wardrobe. Both pieces can be worn separately with other items from my closet or they can be worn together . . [Read More]

Tunics are Perfect – Way 2 Good Life blog

Way 2 Good Life-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main
I have discovered the a tunic is a great fit for any body type. Tunics are perfectly lightweight and breezy, and they’re versatile enough to transition easily from the office to the beach to a backyard barbecue. And guess what, the tunic is a flattering style that looks good on every body type.  [Read More]

Making it Easy – Libby’s Library blog

Libby Library-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main
Here is the Head Librarian in the Fringe Duster over the Kimono Tunic in blue. I’m wearing dark jeans here, but they are both equally fitting for casual and more formal wear. I love the colors and print. The cut allows for plenty of extra room in the arms. [Read More]

Really Loving The Results – Mommy Who Loves Giveaways blog

Mommy Who Loves Giveaways-Blogger Review-Monroe and Main
Choosing my shapewear was easy for me. I knew I wanted my tummy slimmed. That being said, I choose Monroe And Main’s Front Corset Cincher. Let me just say I absolutely love this shapewear. I am very comfortable and it really does it’s job. For my hourglass shape, Monroe And Main recommends that I draw attention to my silhouette by wearing a bold color or print to highlight my assets. If I wanted to downplay my curves, I should use a more monochromatic look with darker neutrals. The latter was my choice. The tips I received from the Monroe and Main “How To Dress Your Body Type” Infographic series were amazing. I must say I am a loyal Monroe and Main Fashionista and adore their style. Be sure to also check out their How To Dress Your Body Type Pinterest board[Read More]

Armed with New Knowledge –  My Un-Entitled Life blog

My UnEntitled Life Blogger Review-Monroe and Main

I used the measuring tape that comes with the kit and it was so easy to do. I actually felt kind of special, like a celebrity getting fitted for a fabulous outfit to wear on the red carpet! Once I had my measurements written down, it was time to shop!  The styles I would have chosen before would limit me a lot. Armed with my new knowledge (thanks, Monroe and Main!) I was able to consider new and different styles. I feel like it allowed me to open up and be a bit bolder in my style because before, I would look at an outfit and say, “no, I couldn’t wear that”. Now I am looking and saying “oh yeah, I could definitely rock that, it’s perfect for my body type!” I have a confidence I didn’t have before because I now know the best ways to flatter my figure and embrace my curves. [Read More]

Click through to each of the bloggers and enter for your chance to win through May 31st, 2015!

Monroe and Main How to Dress Your Body Type Blogger Event

Which looks do you like best? Comment below!

Learn how to choose the best plus-size dress style for your body type.

Comments (54)

All the women look fantastic – so wonderful to see such a variety of different women, all looking amazing and oozing confidence. Love the colourful prints – I think more women should be bold and wear bright colours and snazzy prints, rather than shying away from them! Embrace it!

I like your all dresses collection and specially the Funky Cool Pattern dress. I love to wear these type of dresses. But one more things I would like to suggest that wear good quality shapewear under your dresses as they provide elegant and wonderful body shape.

aLL YOU LADY’S LOOK INCREDIBLE. I AM PLUS SIZE AND I STRUGGLE TO TRY TO LOOK NICE. I LOVE Kirstin Marie ‘s outfit. The hat makes the look so complete

What a great company to find.I love everything I see so far.can’t wait to own my first item,I just can’t make up my mind.thanks so much for sharing.

I love the outfits from Whirlwind of Surprises and Momma Told Me.

first, let me start by saying each of the bloggers wear these close very well and look fantastic! I will be honest, I am not a dress person, never really have been, maybe a mini skirt back in the day but now…nope. Skinny jeans or slacks with a nice top is the way I prefer to go with things. The Socialites Closet is a great look for a casual me, or casual day at the office. Love fuchsia as well! For a regular day at the office, I love the look Comeback Momma has, I tend to wear darker colors and this is a good look for the new dress code we have at our office.

I really like the Modly Chic outfit.

I can’t decide! All the ladies look beautiful!

I love the dress featured at Mother Unadorned – I have been wanting a maxi dress for several summers now….I might have just found it! Maybe I will be one of the lucky winners and will get it with my prize package.

I like April Go Lightly and Mommy’s Block Party’s looks the best!

Wow, I think it is amazing that one store has clothes to fit different body types. I really love the prints, too.

My favorite is Chic and Comfortable – Whirlwind of Surprises blog. I don’t think that I could pull this outfit off but she does with ease. Love that!

I LOVE the “Highlight your curves” look. Bright colors and bold patterns are definitely my first choice!

I thought I had commented hours ago but not showing up so commenting again for the extra entries. I love The Chief Blonde from Still Blonde After All These Years look – I would wear that outfit and she rocks it.

Hi Sherry, we approved your previous comment. Thanks for sharing! The Chief Blonde is fabulous for sure!

All the styles are nice but I especially like the Scuba dress. Love color and the shoes are cute too and look so comfy for running around. At least from this article I know what to wear for body style. Would love to win.

The Chief Blonde from Still Blonde After These Years! is looking fabulous. I could wear that look easily.


Love the floral jacket.on dressing for a box (Modly Chic).

I really hope that I win this! I have gained and lost weight recently, and could really use some new stuff!

My favorite outfit is CRUSIN’ MOTOWN WITH GREAT SPRING LOOKS – Still Blonde After These Years! I love everything about the top she is wearing! The colors are beautiful and I love the angled hemline! Just gorgeous!

I like ComeBack Momma. That is something I would wear.

I like Shelley From Still Blonde After All These Year’s look the most. Great outfits!

Love all the looks but like Shelley from Still Blonde After All These Years the best!

I love them all, so nice but have to go with The Chief Blonde’s so pretty outfit, oh and by the way I’ve also been blonde after all these years, ha ha!

I honestly cannot pick a favorite. Everyone picked an awesome outfit for their body type. I can only hope that I would do as well. Some gorgeous clothes for sure.

She is!! —> Looking Pretty Darn Awesome – I Am The Maven Blog

I love the Getting All Gussied Up dress, but all the outfits are great. I want them all, but only the ones that fit my body type 🙂

Great looks. My favorite is THE CHIEF BLONDE.

I love the Chief Blonde since I am also still blonde after all these years!

I love the Bay Area Mommy Blog look and the Candypolooza Blog look! Both looks are professional and pretty!

I love the Make It Mesh floral dress. It looks so pretty and I love the v-neck.

Everyone looks so lovely! I especially love April Go Lightly and Candypalooza.

chic and comfortable

The Modly Chic is my favorite.

I like the Modly Chic style.

I like the still blonde after all these years look. I would love an outfit like this.

I love Monroe and main and winning would be an awesome way to start the summer~!

I love the dress Whirlwind of Surprises blog is wearing! Super flattering! I mean, all of them are! It was so hard to pick!

I really like the outfit that Still Blonde after all these years is wearing. It looks very cute on you, and very and it’s great for the summer.

Wow. Those are all pretty. I guess my favorite is Still Blonde after all the Years. It looks like what I would wear. Thanks!

Getting All Gussied Up is the style that would fit me best! I like Still Blonde’s bright print with white bottoms too.

I love libbys library top we have the same type of body shap and it looks great on her

I really like the “Getting all gussied up” look from Mommy’s Block party.

I love the Super Comfortable & Very Slimming – The Socialite’s Closet blog.

Such pretty looks! I love the bright print on Still Blonde After All These Years.

Wow! Everyone looks amazing in their outfits! It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I will have to go with Funky Cool Pattern from Being Zhenya’s blog. I will pick that one because she is closest to my age, style and body shape.

I think all of the bloggers made great choices, which means your infographic definitely works! I figured out, about a year ago, that I am an inverted triangle, so based on my body I would have to say that my favorite is the ‘Chic and Comfortable – Whirlwind of Surprises blog’ choice. I tend to gravitate toward slim-fitting tops and flowy pants, and that look fits the bill perfectly.

I love CRUSIN’ MOTOWN WITH GREAT SPRING LOOKS – Still Blonde After These Years! Her outfit is perfect for summer!! Fits her great and has great bright colors!!

balance and Flattery & chic and comfortable are my faves except for mine of course. 😉

Oh my goodness…There is no way that I can pick just one. They are all great! I do believe that my favorite dress is worn by April. Still Blonde always looks stellar, no matter what she wears. I love the color of the Socialites top…Oh they are all GREAT!

I have two of these looks that are my favorites, one of them is CRUSIN’ MOTOWN WITH GREAT SPRING LOOKS – Still Blonde After These Years! I like it because it looks comfortable and I like the vibrant colors and the other favorite is Super Comfortable & Very Slimming – The Socialite’s Closet blog. I like it because it casual and comfortable. Thank you.

I really like the top on Still Blonde After All These Years — I just don’t think I could pull off white pants. I really like the dress in Modly Chic and the sandals in Come Back Momma Blog. There are so many things I like in many of these looks. I would probably combine several pieces from the different looks to get the one that suits me best.

The looks that I Like the Bes is (1) CRUSIN’ MOTOWN WITH GREAT SPRING LOOKS – Still Blonde After These Years~~~~~~(2)Looking Pretty Darn Awesome – I Am The Maven Blog~~~~~~~(3)Confident Dressing – ComeBack Momma blog These are my Top 3 Picks..Love these Looks!!

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