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A guide to wearing fashionable but practical shoes during the winter

When winter rolls around, people’s style inevitably changes. Outerwear becomes a necessity, sweaters are a must and footwear is bound to alter. Gone are the days of throwing on a pair of flats and running out the door. When the colder seasons hit, a more practical approach for women’s shoes must be taken. But that doesn’t mean the shoes you sport can’t be stylish, too. Here is your guide to wearing fashionable but practical shoes during the winter:

Avoid open shoes

In the summer you might have been able to run around in flip-flops or sandals without thinking twice. However, when cold weather hits, the last thing you want is any part of your feet exposed. Shoes that are backless or expose your toes should be avoided. Make sure your footwear covers the entirety of your foot – from ankle to toe. The last thing you want is the wind causing your feet to freeze. Or worse, you could step in a puddle or some snow. The more you have covered, the warmer you will be.

If you plan on wearing a pair of heels, and you know a part of your ankles will be uncovered, don’t fret. Just add a pair of tights. This can add that extra something to your outfit, while keeping your feet and toes warm in the process.

wearing tights with open-toe shoes

Invest in a warm pair of boots

Regardless of what your winter climate is like, you’re going to want a good pair of boots. Weather can be unpredictable all over the country. For people who experience mild temperatures, a pair of winter fashion boots can complete any outfit and keep your legs warm. On the other hand, if your state is one where you can expect heavy snow and ice, you’re going to want a durable pair of winter boots. Opt for one with fleece lining inside so that you can trek wherever you have to go, warmly.

Regardless of what part of the country you’re from, be sure to have a pair of rain boots to pull out. Water-resistant shoes come in handy during any season.

water resistant boots

Always wear socks

Sometimes the most important element of warm footwear is socks. Whatever shoe you’re wearing, be sure to complement them with a cozy pair of socks underneath. That way, your feet won’t slip or be cold while you’re walking. Cotton socks may feel great, but they’re not ones you want to be wearing if you’ll be outdoors during the winter months. Use socks made of fleece or wool to protect those toes.

2 pairs of fluffy socks

Go waterproof

One of the most important elements of a good pair of shoes in winter is a waterproof exterior. Shoes that absorb water are going to get your feet wet and create some very serious issues. Thankfully, there are plenty of boots or shoes that have various types of waterproofing.

However, if you have a pair of leather boots you love that aren’t water resistant, try proofing them yourself. Be sure to order a spray and use to so that any pair of shoes can be converted into ones that protect you from water seeping in from the outer shell.

Ditch the heels

If you’re going to be commuting in the winter, the last thing you want is a pair of shoes that make it hard to walk. Not only are heels hard to master, but they don’t provide much of a grip on slippery sidewalks. Because of that, they are a nightmare to walk in during the winter. Instead of putting them away for the season, throw a pair in your purse to change into where it’s safe to walk.

flat boots for winter weather

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I remeber when I was growing up near clackmas oregon I remeber seeing a lot of kids wear mary jane shoes out in the snow and in cold weather they would have a coat on and mary jane shoes on they had socks on to I remember as well but are those shoes really good for winter time mary jane shoes ???

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I remeber when I was growing up wearing and seeing other kids wear mary jane shoes out in the snow

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