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When it comes to picking the patterns for your clothes, one wrong move can have you going from classically chic to fashion disaster. In addition to staying trendy and up-to-date with all the latest styles, choosing a specific pattern in your clothes tends to say a little something about you, whether you’re aware of it or not. Here is what common fashion patterns are telling onlookers about you so you can make sure to find your go-to design that fits your personality, as well as your style.

Vertical/horizontal stripes
One of the more confident-looking patterns among all the fashion trends, vertical or horizontal stripes are assertive looks that always make a statement. While vertical striped clothes are also known to produce a slimming effect when it comes to your appearance, both are staple options for workwear that’s as playful as it is bold. When you’re outside of the office, a skirt with stripes and a jacket is a great look if you want to portray confidence rather than conceal it.

The patterns you wear can say a lot about you.

Polka dots
There’s simply no way in getting around how charming and lively a dress that features polka dots looks. If your personality is constantly referred to as “bubbly” or “vivacious,” then a polka-dot dress is ideal – this pattern is just as spirited as you are. When it comes to choosing your polka-dot pattern, always remembering that playing it safe with a classic black and white polka dot combination tends to evoke an exuberant attitude.

There's simply no way in getting around how charming and lively a dress that features polka dots looks.

Animal prints
Many people tend to show off their inner spirit animal by what they wear on the outside. If you’re trying to reveal a little bit of your wild​ side, an animal print skirt or sweater is exactly the look you need when trying to raise some standards and lower inhibitions. From leopard spots to zebra stripes, adding a little animal print to your wardrobe ensemble is a sure-fire way to gain attention, as well as show off your creative side. Animal print tops are always a snazzy conversation starter whenever you need to get the party going.

If you're trying to reveal a little bit of your wild​ side, an animal print skirt or sweater is exactly the look you need.

A combination of flash with a hint of laid-back attitude, floral patterns are for uninhibited ladies who never flee away from an opportunity to mingle. While this style is generally more geared toward dresses, it can also serve as the perfect skirt for a bright and sunny day.

A combination of flash with a hint of laid-back attitude, floral patterns are for uninhibited ladies who never flee away from an opportunity to mingle.

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I’ve just received your beautiful scarf/poncho wrap, and I’m not sure how to ware it. Do you have a video on how to put it on the right way!?..Thank you!

Hi Diane,
So sorry for the delay in response – Unfortunately we don’t have anything at this time to share. Have you tried looking on Pinterest? Here’s a link to see a lot of different styling tips for blanket scarves. Hope this helps!

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