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Velvet: From day-time glam to nighttime chic

Woman wearing a red velvet dress and black multi-colored shooties


Velvet as a fashionable fabric has progressed a lot over the years. Although the material gained popularity among nobles in Europe and beyond, the 80s were not kind to its reputation. In that decade, velvet was associated with another type of royalty: prom queens in dresses of the crushed persuasion.

Lucky for us, the fabric has made quite a comeback. Today, some of the best styles and chicest looks include velvet pieces. Here’s how you can wear this material both day and night without Flock of Seagulls flashbacks:

“A blazer jacket in this fabric is a great closet staple.”

Velvet blazers are the perfect transitional item

The heaviness of this indulgent material makes pieces in velvet some of the most versatile ones you can add to your wardrobe. A blazer jacket in this fabric is a great closet staple. You can begin wearing it as early as fall and as late as the beginning of spring, when flowers first begin to peek through the snow. For a casual daytime look, try this item over a pair of boyfriend jeans to incorporate a little structure. A velvet blazer also helps women’s dress pants transition from a day at work to a night out, especially with the help of some accessories.

Mix and match velvet separates

It’s understandable to be unsure about how to incorporate velvet into your day-to-day and evening outfits. To introduce this material – or reintroduce, depending on your history – successfully, start slow. Velvet separates, including dressy blouses or skirts, are the perfect jumping-off point. The former can be worn with a work-appropriate suit, while the latter can be paired with tights and boots for a evening date.

Velvet accessories are a must

Some of the season’s most popular velvet items are on the smaller side, but they still pack a fashionable punch. Women’s heels in this fabric add texture to a simple look, while a skinny and loose velvet bow tie adds a menswear feel to a white collared button-down. A velvet hat is both warm and chic, and handbags featuring elements in this material are the perfect accessory for the chillier months.

Velvet Heels

Velvet jumpsuits are an unexpected alternative

Velvet dresses come in various shapes and sizes these days due to the fabric’s resurgence in the fashion world. If you’re looking for another versatile piece in the lush material to add to your wardrobe, we suggest a jumpsuit. Not only are these items comfortable to wear, but they also come in many different styles. Wide- or loose-leg options can be worn more casually with a pair of smart sneakers, while fitted versions are an unexpected choice for a night out. No matter what your final selection, don’t forget to add some jewelry to the finished outfit. Simple fashion jewelry sets pair well with the rich fabric.

Turn around, bright eyes! Velvet is back and it’s here to stay. Don’t be afraid to try out this fabric in its many shapes and styles. Everything old is new again, so what’s next?

Luxe Velvet Dress

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Published on Aug 24 2017

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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