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6 tips for staying cool while wearing dark colors


As soon as warm weather hits, loose fabrics and pastel-colored blouses come out to play and your dark garments are put to rest for the season. Many may think it’s time to fold up all the black, navy and brown articles of clothing, or risk being a sweaty mess on a hot day. However, contrary to popular belief, dark-colored fabrics are actually better to wear under the sun. According to NPR, researchers found that you will be cooler when wearing thick, dark fabrics. This is because only the outer layer gets hot, as it absorbs more heat that doesn’t transfer to the skin.

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The key to staying cool while wearing dark colors on a hot, sunny day is all about the thickness of the fabric. Here are six tips for rocking this look:

1. Wear natural fibers

Natural fibers such as cotton, prima cotton, linen and tropical wool typically soak up more moisture from your body than synthetic fibers. Avoid clothing made from materials such as nylon, polyester, silk and rayon. While these fabrics may seem like better options for warmer weather, they will actually cling to your sticky body. This will make it hard for your body to breath, and you’ll wind up sweating even more. Additionally, natural fibers dry faster than synthetic ones. So if you do notice a tiny sweat stain on your cotton T-shirt, it will dry faster than it would on your silk blouse.

2. Wear loose garments

Much like those synthetic fibers, skin-tight clothing will latch onto your body and make you feel extremely uncomfortable and sweaty. Even if you’re wearing a tight camisole, your body has no breathing room, and all the heat will be trapped underneath the shirt. Instead, opt for flowy tank tops with a cute pair of cropped dress pants for work. If you think you’ll be too hot in a pair of black slacks, a loose-fitting maxi dress made of cotton will keep you cool.

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3. Wear knit and lace tops

Open-weave knit tops or lace blouses are perfect for a balmy day, no matter the color. These materials are both light and airy, allowing you to feel every cool breeze. This open-style top will feel great against your warm skin, too!

4. Avoid embellishment

Don’t get us wrong, we love the glitz and the glam, but not so much on a humid day. Avoid embellishment – particularly metal – around your neck as much as possible in this weather. Ladies, this goes for both clothing and jewelry. Metal is a sun magnet and will only make you more sweaty and uncomfortable. Embellishments – whether they’re on your blouse or on your neck – are heavy and close to your skin, therefore, your body heat is trapped underneath them.

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5. Wear socks

We know what you’re thinking: “Who wears socks in 80 degree weather?” Or “How am I going to show off my freshly manicured toes?” While it may be the season for colorful wedges and strappy sandals, you’ll feel much cooler in shoes that require socks because they absorb the sweat. Feet control your entire body temperature, so if those bad boys are sweaty, your whole body is going to feel the effects. Additionally, your kicks will last longer, because the socks will be absorbing all the foot sweat instead of your shoes.

6. Cover up

If your bare shoulders are on display under those beaming sun rays, you’re only asking for a burn and to be soaked in a pool of your own sweat. Instead, cover up with a lightweight peasant top or tunic tee. You can also drape a lightweight scarf around your shoulders. This will help keep that thick hair off your neck, too! Covering up will lower your body temperature and, most importantly, protect your beautiful skin.

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