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5 pairs of flats every woman needs

Any woman’s shoe collection should absolutely include a few pairs of flats. There are a myriad of different styles of flats that can be worn with an array of outfits for almost any occasion, making them extremely versatile. They’re appropriate for work, going out in the evening or slipping on to run errands. Flat shoes are a style staple during the spring and summer, and flat boots can be worn year-round. But best of all, they’re comfortable!

Every woman should incorporate these five distinct styles of flats into her shoe collection:

1. Flats

When you’re talking about wardrobe essentials in general, ballet flats rank high on the list because they’re so basic (in the best way). If there’s one type of shoe that can really show off personality it’s a simple flat, mostly because they can be found in any color, print and design imaginable. Look for flats with pointed toes for more formal occasions and rounded toes for casual wear. You can use brightly colored ballet flats to add flair to a jeans-and-T-shirt outfit, or wear sophisticated black ones to the office. Remember to give yourself time to break in a new pair of flats before wearing them all day!

2. Moccasins or loafers

Moccasins and loafers do one thing very well: comfort. Either of these shoe styles are terrific because they keep feet feeling great no matter how long you’re walking around in them. Though moccasins should only be worn in casual settings, they’re still versatile. Pair them with jeans and a sweater to run to the store or with leggings and a tunic around the house. Loafers can be worn in professional and casual settings, so try styling them with slacks and a blouse at the office.

Moccasins and loafers do one thing very well: comfort.

3. Casual sneakers

Casual sneakers don’t have to look like fitness shoes (although they’re another good flat-shoe style to have). This style of sneaker is more relaxed and less sporty, like ones from Keds or Sketchers. A pair of slip-on or lace-up casual sneakers pairs well with comfortable activewear and other casual outfits. Also, like moccasins, this shoe style is all about comfort. If you’re planning on running around all day, do it in this style of flats and your feet will feel fine for hours.

A pair of slip-on or lace-up casual sneakers pairs well with comfortable activewear

4. Decorative sandals

Every woman needs a quality pair of decorative sandals for summertime. Sandals are a summer wardrobe essential, keeping your look put-together and stylish. While flip flops and other slip-on sandals are great for some occasions, try to find a pair with attached straps that make them easier to wear and more secure for long periods of time. Style sandals with a skirt and blouse, a summer dress or a pair of colorful cropped pants.

Every woman needs a quality pair of decorative sandals for summertime.

5. Flat boots

The versatile power of a flat pair of boots can not be celebrated enough. Whether you prefer black or brown boots, this style of flats is one of the easiest to wear anywhere, anytime and with anything. Wear flat riding boots over jeans, tights, or leggings, or a pair of flat ankle boots under wide- or straight-leg trousers and jeans.

flat boots

Which style do you like best? Tell us in the comments below.

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I love ballet flats. You can wear them with almost anything.

I want a pair of mocassins so bad!! Definitely a great list.

Great article. I like the boot flats and the first pair of flats. I think you definitely need both. I love the look of the boots and they are so comfortable as well.

i like the flat boots so stylish and functional

love this article and love the flat boots! Super cute!

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