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Boots, boots and more boots this fall

Fall fashion is popular for many reasons, but there’s one part of the seasonal attire that’s almost universally loved: boots. Whether you’re wearing fashion boots to an event or cozying up in winter boots to keep warm, they’re the perfect shoe for fall. But why do we love them so much? For one thing, they can be worn for almost any occasion. For another, they pull together an outfit instantly, making you look stylish and polished even in something as simple as a pullover sweatshirt and jeans. They’re easy, they’re stylish and they’re comfortable: What more could you ask for? All that being said, prepare yourself (and your closet) for fall, with these tips for wearing boots:

Opt for quality

When picking out new boots, quality should come way before quantity on your priority list. Choose styles made of high-end materials, like suede, sheepskin and leather. In fact, genuine leather boots are a great option for a multitude of reasons, even beyond lasting years. They’re some of the most comfortable shoes you’ll find – perfect for wearing for hours no matter where you are. Plus, genuine leather simply looks higher-quality than cheaper versions, which means you’ll look fashionable and elegant every time you wear them.

Malia Surf Bootie by Clarks

Find versatile styles

If you’re looking for shoes that can take you from the office to an evening out to the grocery store, boots should be your go-to. There are a couple of styles in particular that are extremely versatile and look great no matter what they’re paired with or where you’re going. These adaptable must-haves include riding boots and ankle boots.

Riding boots fall between mid-calf and below the knee and are good for day-to-day wear. Pair them with tights and a sheath dress for work, with leggings and a comfy hoodie for casual weekend errands, or with skinny jeans and a blouse almost anywhere.

Ankle boots are an alternative that can be slightly more formal, depending on the style you choose. Pick out flat ankle boots for a more casual look or a heeled pair for wearing to work or events. Like riding boots, pair these with everything from jeans to a skirt.

Monroe & Main Embroidered Ankle Boot

Explore detailing

If you want your boots to really make a statement, explore fun style options like details and embellishments that can show off some personality. Look for features like buckles and laces that add a cute and stylish touch. Or, play with other embellishments, including embossed or stitched patterns or even sparkling beading. These types of details can take boots from fashionable to “you” in a heartbeat.

Stud Back Lace-Up Bootie by Monroe and Main

Experiment with trends

Looking to step into something a bit more fashion-forward? If so, don’t be afraid to explore fall 2015 shoe trends. Two boot trends this year will definitely stand the test of time: multi-colored shoes and over-the-knee styles. Opt for footwear with multiple colors or shades of the same hue, and go for sophisticated color blocking for boots you’ll be able to wear for years to come. For a more daring look, go for over-the-knee boots that look great with skinny pants or tights during the fall and winter.

Quilt Front Boot by Midnight Velvet

Know how to keep them maintained

Especially with genuine leather and suede boots, it’s important to maintain them well to ensure they stay in tip-top shape for a long time. As soon as you get your boots in the mail, spend an evening water-proofing them. As rain turns to snow, your feet will stay warm and dry – and the boots will avoid water damage, too. Store your boots in a cool dry spot, and spot clean as needed to keep them looking great all season long.

Comment below on how much you LOVE wearing boots this season! 

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I cannot find any information that tells you the circumference of the tall boot shaft in the wide size. This is important information for women with larger calves. Can you please tell me what this measurement is or add the information to the product description on your website for wide fit boots?

This is important feedback Amy and we will talk with our shoe merchandisers about it. Thanks!

I missed one payment, I did not even know it. So I sent the last payment and the January one too. It is not even due yet. Someone called me today and told me that call them. Left a number and did they, hade a important message from me. I called and there was nothing important. I did not get to talk to the woman who called me. No explanation, nothing about the reason she called. So beware, if you miss a payment, they will council your credit. I was so ashamed.

Hello Sherlene, we are very sorry about this experience. We’d like to look into it further and make sure there isn’t anything that we overlooked. We are not at all interested in making our customers feel uncomfortable or ashamed about their credit payments, etc. We apologize again for this. We will be in touch over email to let you know any more details we find out after we review your account. Thanks for this comment.

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