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Do’s and don’ts of cashmere

Fall weather is officially here, and with it out come the knits. Whether you own cashmere or are looking to purchase some, take a look at these tips on caring for it:

Washing Cashmere

No need to wash or dry clean after every wear. Margaret O’Leary, a San Francisco-based designer who specializes in hand-loomed knitwear, recently told Lucky Magazine that she washes her cashmere several times a season with a very mild soap and her washing machine on the gentle cycle. Martha Stewart suggests hand-washing cashmere items in the bathtub or sink and then steaming any wrinkles out.

Drying Cashmere:

Once the cashmere is clean, do not wring it out. Instead, Real Simple recommends placing the knit in a salad spinner to remove excess water, and then setting it out to air dry on a flat surface. If you’re too nervous or time-pressed to clean cashmere yourself, entrust a dry cleaner with it.

Storing Cashmere:

Never hang anything cashmere – it will stretch and lose its shape. Instead, fold the item and store it in a drawer or on a shelf.

Pilling Cashmere:

Sometimes knit items pill, or have little bumps all over them. These bumps can be removed slowly with a fine tooth comb, leaving your cashmere good as new.

woman wearing cashmere sweater
Whether you own cashmere or a Cotton/Cashmere item or are looking to purchase some, take a look at these tips on caring for cashmere.

Comment below if you have more tips on how you take care of your cashmere items! We love to hear from our customers and fans!

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I never thought of a salad spinner for drying cashmere. I have always dried my sweaters flat, but this would make the process go so much faster. Thank you!

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