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Plus size black woman in bright patterned dress Dress your way to slimmer-looking legs

The first rule in plus-size fashion is this: Know how to highlight the positives of your body while downplaying the areas you aren’t so crazy about.

Woman in white embroidered collar top and beige pants Flattering your arms this summer

This summer, don’t worry about covering up. Stay comfortable! With these tools, you can keep cool and look fabulous.

Model in Summer Midi Dress 7 questions to ask before purchasing clothes

If you want to make sure you’re always buying clothing you’ll love to wear, ask yourself these seven questions before making any purchases.

Suede black slide-on mule with 2 1/2 inch heel How to match shoe color to your outfit

With nearly limitless styles and colors of shoes to choose from, who can blame a woman for having a personal shoe store in her closet?

chelsea black plus size swimsuit at the beach How to find a great swimsuit for your body

Here are a few tips for finding a swimsuit that will have you lounging by the pool or beach with confidence.