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meet our plus-size model headshot pics meet our models!

Here at monroe+main, we believe that we are all beautiful in this moment, as we are—and that we should aspire to be…ourselves! That’s why our models come in many shapes and sizes: to help you envision how you might look in our clothes. Take a look at our model profiles!

plus size model wearing a black t-shirt, gaudy necklace, with a black hat and a layered teardrop necklace. 6 fashion tips for full-figured ladies

If you’re a plus size lady we’ve got six helpful style tips for you.

plus size model wearing a pink sweater with earrings. How to dress a plus-size hourglass figure

If you have a well-defined waistline with curvy hips and a full bust, you will love our guide to dressing your hourglass figure. We’ll help you find styles and outfits that show off your personality and enhance your ladylike features.

3 Plus Size Women in Black Dresses Uneven hemlines for plus-size fashion

Here’s why you should be wearing dresses with uneven hemlines.

woman in white ruched front blouse and black pants Hide your tummy with what you wear

Learn how to hide your tummy with the right clothing choices.